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Academic Session:

The new academic session commences from the second week of April and runs till the 3rd weeks of March each year. Academic session is divided into four terms and each term ends with the conduction of terminal examination. Four unit tests are taken along with the terminal examination. School activities and holidays are clearly mentioned in the school calendar.



New students are admitted from Nursery to Grade Nine. Admission forms are distributed from the 3rd week of March until the 2nd week of April from the Account section. Except for admission to Nursery, entrance exam will be taken and only successful candidates will be admitted. In case of students seeking transfer from other schools, the Transfer, Character and Clearance certificates from the previous school are compulsory at the time of admission.



The syllabus will be a combination of the National Education system and the best aspects of the English system of education so that the children will develop nationalistic feeling from a very tender age and acquire a vast knowledge of the country and the outside world. The concept of self-imposed discipline will be inculcated through the amalgamation of the workshop method and the Montessori system. The detailed syllabus will be prepared with due care, considering a child’s capacity to absorb, appreciate and grasp.


Academic Ethics:

If a school is to be a learning community that functions effectively, it must place its highest values on personal integrity and mutual trust. Without these, no real learning can take place. While we highly value patience and tolerance, we must be intolerant to those, who cannot be trusted and who do not value truth, for they can quickly destroy the spirit of the community and learning. It is because we take severe actions in cases of dishonesty of any kind, but particularly in cases dishonesty invades the classroom.


School Uniform and Timing:

KEBS has adopted compulsory dress code for all students. All the students are required to attend classes and activities in specified school uniform.

Sunday and Monday: Black pant, Skirt, White shirt, tie, belt, Maroon Sweater/Coat
Tuesday and Friday: House Dress
Wednesday and Thursday: Grey Pant, Skirt, Yellowish Shirt, tie, belt, Maron Sweater/Coat
Tuesday: Scout Dress (Scouts Only)


Arrival and Departure Time
Arrival Time of Grade VIII-X: 6:15 A.M.
Arrival Time of Nursery to Grade VII: 9:15 A.M.
Assembly: 9:25 A.M.
Departure of Nursery to Grade V: 3:25 P.M.
Departure of Grade VI to VIII: 4:05 P.M.
Departure of Grade IX to X: 5:15 P.M.